About Me

The visual arts of photography and the filming of HD videos are basically two hobbies for me. Photography sort of always was. It all started with a 35mm film camera, but the digital revolution made photography more accessible and a lot cheaper. Even with the most inexpensive digital camera, you can still take an amazing photo. I also love taking HD videos and then watching the original film footage on an HD TV. Technology has come a long way and  yet it still has far to go!

There are many interesting things, places and people to take photos and videos of no matter where you live. You need not go too far from where you live to capture through your lens any interesting subject matter. It’s all in the way you interpret what you see. Photography and videos are to great ways to interpret life and the visual in the way or ways that you want to.

I originally was posting all my photos on Flickr but I  was running out of space tehre so I decided in 2011 to create my own website where I could upload my photos giving me more control of my content. All my HD videos can be seen at YouTube.

I am always adding more photos as I encounter interesting subject matter. The photos can be viewed in various sizes with the largest so far being around 2000 pixels wide and have been taken using various cameras from point and click to phone cameras to a digital SLR.

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