Billy Bob Thornton at TIFF

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Fans getting up-close and personal with Billy Bob Thornton during his red carpet appearance at 2012 TIFF for the movie premiere of Jayne Mansfield's Car. I was really, really close to him when I took this photo or accidentally took this photo of Billy Bob Thornton. I didn't realize that I had any photos of him on my Sony Camcorder because I was just shooting HD video (see below), but I must have clicked the picture button on my Handycam and voila, this is one of the photos that I got, actually the best one especially since this Sony Camcorder only comes with 4MP picture taking capability, but it is more than good enough.

Also, a couple of Japanese girls beside me who are in Toronto studying/learning English, both got  autographs from him so I asked them to put both side-by-side or top-to-bottom and I snapped a photo of both. Notice not 1 of these autographs is alike.

Billy Bob Thornton  - HD Video on Red Carpet at TIFF

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