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Here are all my High Definition videos of celebrities and movie stars who have visited Toronto for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) over the last few years but primarily in 2012. You will see some extreme close-ups of your favorite celebrity as well as hear some interesting conversations between fans and celebrities and in the audience. The quality of the film footage varies depending on how close the celebrity got to my filming and how much people shoved, bumped into me to disrupt my filming! But hey, that's life and that's what makes these videos real.

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Ben Affleck - Red Carpet for Argo movie

Colin Farrel - at TIFF for Seven Pshychopaths movie

Sarah Silverman - 2011 TIFF for the Last Watz movie

Billy Bob Thornton at Tiff for red carpet of Jayne Mansfield's Car

Olga Kurylenko - Bond Girl

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Penelope Cruz - Tiff for Twice Born movie

Emile Hirsch

Alexander Skaarsgard at TIFF for What Maisie Knew

Abbie Cornish

George Clooney - 2011 TIFF for Ides of March movie

Saadet Aksoy

Julianne Moore

Tate Donovan

Woody Harrelson

Christopher Walken

John Goodman

Katherine LaNasa

Rory Cochrane

Robert Duvall

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