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This is an HD video that I filmed of the CNE Midway late at night in late August of 2012. Everybody in Toronto knows that when the CNE begins, it means the end of summer. I was rollerblading by one night and I decided to take some photos. To my surprise, a police officer even asked me for my fitness, exercise advice which I thought was great and different. We ended up chatting for half an hour. How many times does a police officer ask you for advice?

Anyway, it didn’t dawn on me to take some video that night. I decided the next night to come by and film some high definition video of the lights and sounds of  the CNE Midway. Photos are great for viewing a moment in time, but with videos you get to see a lot more of the changing colours of the various rides and many more of the rides. It really is a beautiful sight, especially from afar.

The video begins with the ride The Zipper (the horizontal shaped ride) as well as you get to see the many bright and every-changing colours of the giant Ferris Wheel and various other rides in the amusement are of the annual Canadian National Exhibition.

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