Colours of Smoke Bush in Autumn

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The colourful leaves of the smoke bush in mid autumn. A unique and interesting bush. It's leaves turn into various shades of red and orange and sometimes maroon (depending on the temperatures during the day and night) and are usually the last to fall. The plant looks ideal for Halloween. Despite the heavy rain, the large amounts of rain over the last few days and the very high winds especially yesterday (partly from Hurricane Sandy - Frankenstorm), most of the leaves still remain on the bush.

The flowers of this plant bloom in late spring and throughout the summer and are comprised of puffy balls of fluff. Quite a unique and highly effective method for evolution to disperse the plant's seeds! When the winds cause these balls of fluff to disperse onto the road, they are like miniature tumbleweeds, sort of like what you see in western movies.
leaves of smoke bush in fall

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