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This is a very interesting plant and you can follow its picture history here as it flowers and grows through its growth stages.

Sunshine in mid January will bring plants to flower. I received this plant via my uncle, didn't want it at first, but for a succulent plant the leaves seemed quite unique - similar to aloe vera yet at the same time a little different. I think it is part of the aloe family of plants. I decided to take it. After I transplanted the plant by stripping its roots of all the original soil (so no bugs or insect eggs in the soil would get in my house because it had been outdoors during the summer), planting it in basic soil and bringing it indoors
, I was surprised to see it grow flowers so soon or at all and finally begin to bloom in mid-winter.  The individual blooms of this flowering succulent seem to last for about 1.5 months before wilting.

The plant is extremely easy and inexpensive to maintain because it doesn't need much watering, the roots are sparse and it will thrive in almost any soil you plant it in
and it spreads like crazy. Basically a maintenance-free type of plant!

I tried to find this exact plant in Google photo search by looking at the leaves and the flowers but I couldn't find an exact match though I did find some that were very similar. Therefore I have to conclude it's a species of the aloe family of plants. The flowers are also prolific and orange in color.
6 months or rmore later, still a few flowers remaining on this plant but now new plant stems and leaves are growing on this flower canopy. At the same time the main leaves have dried up and fallen off. So basically a bare stem is left with a flower and new growth canopy that has become a little heavy with the new foliage. I have now supported it with a stick and tied it up. One of the plants I cut off and stuck it in soil (the little one in the photo below). I saw a root growing from it, so it should take. Eventually this canopy will become too heavy to support the new plant growth and I will have to take some more cuttings and transplant them all as well.

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