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Various photos taken during the 4 seasons of nature and landscape scenes.

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High Park Pond Lilies

Reeds and Grenadier Pond

Bird House and Wall of Reeds

Fallen leaves on hillside

Fungus growing on tree

Meadow - Credit River

Early Fall Colours

Bird Through Window

Bird and Blurry Effects

Bird on Abandoned Nest

Caterpillar on Tomato Plant

Big Green Caterpillar

Vegetation on Lake Rocks

on Locust Tree


on Lichen Covered Tree

Winter Butterfly

Winding Credit River

Red orange autumn leaves

Wild flowers on cliff of Niagara Falls

Muddy river water

Fall colours Credit River

Cormorants damage trees

Path of maple leaves

Credit River in Autumn

Credit River in February

Ice free Credit River

Colours in winter

High Park pond in winter

On frozen pond High Park

Winter colours

Frozen pond in High Park

Rocks on frozen pond

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